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The conduct of individuals in a workplace may be illegal if it creates a hostile work environment that interferes with another employee’s work performance. Actions that may contribute to a hostile work environment include abusive behavior, threats, humiliating or offensive remarks, and inappropriate physical contact.

Typically, a claim of discrimination or harassment that alleges an employer has allowed a hostile work environment to exist is based on a series of acts that have damaged the worker’s conditions of employment. However, it may be possible to pursue a claim after a single egregious incident.

To successfully bring forward a claim for a hostile work environment in Florida, an employee has to meet several criteria:

  1. The employee must belong to a legally protected group.
  2. The employee has experienced harassment that was unwelcome.
  3. This harassment must be tied to a characteristic protected by law.
  4. The severity or frequent occurrence of this harassment must have significantly affected the person’s work environment, making it a hostile place to be.
  5. Lastly, there should be grounds for holding the employer responsible for letting such hostile behavior continue.

If you have been subjected to treatment at your place of employment that has created an intimidating or offensive work environment, an attorney at Cruz Law Firm, P.A., can review your case and help you understand the steps you can take. A claim may result in compensation for your lost wages, emotional distress, and more.

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