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Whistleblowing is the act of reporting your employer to government authorities when you learn it is engaging in illegal, unethical, or harmful conduct. Filing a whistleblower claim is a way to demand accountability from your employer, but it also puts you at risk of being retaliated against for doing what’s right.

However, the law protects you from such retaliation. Under law, you may pursue financial recovery and other legal relief from your employer if they take adverse action against you because you filed a whistleblower claim. Turn to a Tallahassee workplace whistleblower lawyer from Cruz Law Firm, P.A., if you are considering blowing the whistle on your employer or if you were retaliated against after filing a whistleblower report with the authorities.

Our legal team includes attorneys with nearly two decades of experience with the Tallahassee court system. We have tried more than 100 cases before juries in the state and federal courts here, and our work has given us a deep familiarity with the people and institutions that make up the court system. Our attorneys will take the time to share their experience and knowledge with you so that you understand your rights and know what to expect as you pursue a whistleblower or whistleblower retaliation claim.

Contact Cruz Law today to speak with the Tallahassee whistleblower attorneys for information on your legal rights under state and federal whistleblower protection laws. Let us help you better understand your options and explain how we can protect your interests and your right to financial recovery. Initial consultations are confidential and come without obligation.

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What Is a Whistleblower Claim?

A whistleblower claim refers to a claim or report by an employee that discloses their employer’s fraud, waste, abuse, corruption, wrongdoing, illegal or unethical activity, or endangering of people’s health and safety. In most cases, a whistleblower will report their employer’s wrongdoing to a government agency or to law enforcement, who may rely on the employee to provide critical testimony and evidence for the government’s investigation.

A whistleblower claim can also refer to a legal claim or lawsuit filed by an employee after they suffer retaliation from their employer due to their whistleblowing activity. The employee can seek financial and legal relief against their employer for losses they suffered due to retaliatory employment decisions, such as denial of promotions or raises, adverse reassignments, or firing.

What to Do if You Suspect Your Employer Is Breaking the Law

You should take the following actions if you believe that your employer is engaged in fraudulent or illegal activity or if you have reported your employer to the authorities and believe you have been retaliated against: