Severance Agreement Attorneys in Tallahassee, FL

severance agreements

Are you being let go from your job? If so, consider negotiating a severance agreement with your employer. Conversely, your employer may have already presented you with one to sign. You should only enter a severance agreement if you first seek legal counsel to help you understand your rights and obligations under the arrangement.

A Tallahassee severance agreement lawyer from Cruz Law Firm, P.A., can review the terms of a proposed contract, negotiate on your behalf to secure favorable terms, or advocate for your rights if your employer breaches your severance agreement.

Over the decade we’ve been in practice, our firm has helped clients through some of the most complicated employment matters. Our lawyers are known for their deep knowledge of employment and labor law, speaking across Florida on legal and litigation issues concerning employment. Moreover, over our career we have taken more than 100 cases to trial, giving us considerable experience with the state and federal courts in the Tallahassee area. Let us offer you the confidence you need as you work out a severance agreement with your employer or pursue your rights under a contract you’ve already signed.

Contact Cruz Law today for an initial case review with a Tallahassee severance agreement attorney about how we can help your matter. We will review the intricacies of employment law with you so that you can make the best possible decision for your interests. From there, we could negotiate a severance agreement with your employer or pursue legal claims on your behalf if your employer breaches your severance agreement.

What Is a Severance Agreement?

A severance agreement is a contract between an employer and a departing worker that establishes each party’s post-termination rights and obligations. Severance agreements should resolve and settle all claims between an employer and an employee. The employee typically receives compensation, including owed wages/salary, tips, bonuses, commissions, or unused PTO, and additional payments equal to several weeks or months of wages. In exchange, the employee agrees to certain obligations, such as not working for a competitor or hiring away other employees. The employee and employer may agree to settle legal claims against one another. They may also reach an agreement not to disparage one another publicly, such as the employee refraining from making negative comments about the employer and the employer not providing negative reviews of the employee when they apply for new jobs.

What Are Common Problems with a Severance Package?

Common problems that give rise to issues with severance agreements include: